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Liberty Bags Chill Towel for Lightweight, Drip Free Cooling Relief

Liberty Bags Chill Towel for Lightweight, Drip Free Cooling Relief
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An accessory that serves a vital function when needed! A must have if you know you going to be working or playing in the great outdoors and the weather is predicted to be blazing hot. Check out the Liberty Bags Chill Towel for cooling relief:

  • Lightweight microfiber fabric that feels soft agains the skin. The towel itself has a smooth face and a micro-mesh back face. All edges have been finished with a overlock stitch. 
  • Size: 34.5” L x 12” H
  • Color: Light Grey with the Helping Hands Healing Hooves logo sublimation printed onto one corner of the towel. 
  • Sold in a 4-mil polyethylene zip bag 6" X 8" in size


Three reasons in particular why we like it:

1) As a microfiber fabric its capable of holding a lot of moisture within its fabric structure. Cooling towels work because when damp and applied to skin it provides relief from the heat on account of moisture from the towel evaporating on the surface of one's skin. It works like sweat. 


2) Its size allows choices as to how you wear it for relief. It may be worn over one's head, draped around the neck, wrapped around one's upper thigh or knee. You get the idea!


3) The fabric dries soft and malleable versus stiff and hard. It easy to clean. 


How to use it: Prepare towel for use by getting it thoroughly wet and then wringing it out just enough so the towel is not dripping. Store wet in the PE zip bag provided. Bring with you outdoors and use as needed. Refresh as needed. At the end of day, remove towel and allow to air dry. 


Content: 100% Polyester Blend (Polyester and Polyamide (nylon)) 


Care: Machine wash cold water with like fabrics. Use gentle detergent. Rinse in cold water. Air dry. 



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