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No Limits Textiles Backpacker Water Prefilter Kit

No Limits Textiles Backpacker Water Prefilter Kit
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A useful addition to sub-mircon water filter systems used while hiking, backpacking or camping! Improve water clarity by minimizing the presence of "floaties", "crud" or "gunk". Extend the life of your sub-micron filter by capturing visible particulate prior to water filtering and/ or purification. 


Kit includes:

  • 36 industrial strength, FDA Rayon nonwoven discs. Nonimal 20 micron pore size. Disc Size: 1" diameter (25.4 mm). These are NOT simple coffee filter paper discs.


  • 1 push-pull bottle cap with a clear overcap. BPA Free. Size: Fits PET plastic beverage bottles or collapsible canteens with an opening approximately 1.1" in diamater (28 mm) and thread spacing on the bottle neck approximately 1/8" apart (3 mm). See photos. 


Instructions for Use:

  1. Rest a pre-filter disc on top of the bottle / container of untreated water.  
  2. Screw the supplied bottle cap on. Using our bottle cap matters in that it allows each disc to rest flat across the bottle neck opening and be sandwiched between the inside of the bottle cap and the top of the bottle neck. 
  3. Pull the bottle cap open.
  4. Invert the conatiner and squeeze the bottle / container. Pour pre filtered water into another container. 
  5. Follow the act of pre-filtering by filtering the water using a sub-micron filter system and/or purify.


Additional Benefits

  • Each pre-filter nonwoven disc may be single use disposable or reused upon rinsing and drying. Reuse a disc until water flow becomes too slow. Despite rinsing, used discs will become filled with particulate that simply can't be rinsed away. 


  • Our nonwoven discs have wet strength. Its not necessary to simply use the power of gravity to allow water to pass through the prefilter. The bottle with untreated water may be squeezed to speed along the act of prefiltering.


  • Its easy to exchange a 'fresh' nonwoven disc with one filled with particulate: As water flows slows to a trickle from a stream simply unscrew the bottle cap and use your finger to remove the used disc from inside the bottle cap. Place another filter disc on top of the bottle, screw the push-pull bottle cap back onto it and begin again. 


  • Kit is lightweight and compact. 


Filter disc media and push-pull bottle cap made in the USA. Kit assembled in the USA.


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